General input variables

1. Latitude and longitude in degrees and decimal of degrees. Eastern longitudes and northern latitudes are positive.

2. Altitude above sea level in meter. If ommitted, the mean altitude of the 5' grid is taken.

3. Azimuth of the plane. If ommitted, a plane looking towards South is taken (for northern hemisphere; for southern hemisphere a northwards looking plane is assumed).

4. Inclination of the plane. If ommitted, a horizontal plane is taken.

5. Radiation unit: values in irradiation (kWh/m2) or irradiances (W/m2). For UV radiation values in Wh/m2 or W/m2.

6. Groundtype: definition of ground for shortwave and UV albedo.

7. Time system: Solar time or legal time can be selected.

8. Time zone: If legal time is selected, a time zone is needed. If ommitted, the mean time zone for the given longitude is taken. For Western Europe outside UK and Ireland MET is assumed (UTC-1), for UK and Ireland UTC.

9. Resolution: hourly, daily or monthly values can be chosen

10. Month: For hourly resolution the selection of a month is needed (otherwise too big output), for daily values it is possible.

11. Selected period of time (max. 366 days) or one year (only for resources based on daily values).